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Paperbacks For Sale

You can purchase books from this section without having to wait for our upcoming eBay auctions. We accept money orders or Paypal payments. E-mail for availability. Abbreviations used here and throughout the catalog include: PB – paperback edition, PBO – paperback original, pr - printing , nn – no number, nd – no date, hc – hardcover.

Brewer, Gil THE PAYOFF – Phantom 701, Australia 1956. US title: THE SQUEEZE. Cover crease, 9 in pencil on cover, spine wear. Very Good. Impossibly scarce. $100.

Brewer, Gil THE RED SCARF in Mercury Mystery Book Magazine, Vol 1, No 3, whole no. 212, Nov 1955. True first. Cover by Ed Emsh. Good copy with creases & chips along edges, sticker ghost, spine wear, brown pages. $40.

Brown, Fredric ONE FOR THE ROAD – Bantam 1990, 1st PB, 1959. Cover by Barye. A few small spine & corner rubs, otherwise About Fine. SOLD.

Irish, William IF I SHOULD DIE BEFORE I WAKE – Avon 104, 1946. Six short stories from a master. Good to Very Good with some creasing, spine wear, pencil marks. $45

Keene, Day DEAD MAN’S TIDE as William Richards – Graphic 60, PBO 1953. Very Good with spine wear, writing on cover.

With IT’S A SIN TO KILL, reprint as Day Keene, Avon 814, 1958. Good- copy with stain along torn spine, lots of creasing. Both books $10.

Keene PASSAGE TO SAMOA – Gold Medal 823, PBO 1958. A couple small chips at spine ends otherwise About Fine $30.

Keene DEAD DOLLS DON’T TALK – Eclipse (Australia nn, nd) Reprints the 1959 PBO. Many of the Eclipse titles feature female nudity on the photo covers. Good- copy with rubbing to covers, wear, spine creasing. SOLD.

MacDonald, John D. THE BRASS CUPCAKE – Gold Medal 125, PBO 1950 VG+

3rd pr: Gold Medal 792, 1958 reuses Barye cover from 482 (2nd pr not shown)Good with rub, spine slant.

4th pr. Gold Medal s1052, 1960 VG all three books $100.

MacDonald MURDER FOR THE BRIDE – Gold Medal 164, PBO 1951. VG+ with soiled spine.

2nd pr, Gold Medal 767, 1958. Good with spine slant, crease, small spine tear. Two books for $50.

MacDonald JUDGE ME NOT – Gold Medal 186, PBO 1951. About Fine $100.

MacDonald THE DAMNED – Gold Medal 240, PBO 1952. VG edgewear.

7th pr, 1964. VG- with marks on cover, browning. Two books for $45.

MacDonald DEAD LOW TIDE – Gold Medal 298, PBO 1953. VG with reading crease, edgewear.

3rd pr, Gold Medal 963, 1960. Barye cover art is flipped. Both for $50.

MacDonald CONTRARY PLEASURE – Popular Library 697, 1st pb, 1955. VG copy with spine mark, back crease. $40.

Quandt, Albert T. THE COOL CROWD – Paperback Library 52-224, 1st thus, 1963. Reprints Original Digest 702, CELLAR CLUB. It’s Albert L. Quandt, they have his middle initial wrong. Good, heavily scuffed. $20.

As THE SWINGERS – Paperback Library 52-806, 1965. Good, creases & spine wear. Does anyone know who did this cover? $20.

Wood, Ed IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE – Pad Library IMP 786, 1957. VG+, edgewear. $100.

Wood OUTLAWS OF THE OLD WEST ed by Charles D. Anderson – Mankind BM012, PBO 1973. Anthology from Manknd Magazine includes a story by Edw. D. Wood Jr. VG $75

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Where do paperback artists get their ideas? When we interviewed Robert Bonfils, I asked him if he used thousands of models for his thousands of covers. He said no, there was neither the time nor the budget for that. Instead he relied on his clip file. If an image or photo in a magazine caught his eye he clipped it out and filed it for later inspiration. By the time he retired, Bonfils had amassed an entire file cabinet full of such clippings. Some years ago he took it out to the trash dump. We thought all those clippings were lost, but looking through the April 1960 issue of NUGGET Magazine, I noticed this photo of Dione Garret taken by photographer Ron Vogel. Compare it to the 1960 Robert Bonfils cover for Newsstand Library U169, ANYTHING GOES. This cover art was re-used on SIN-A-RAMA: Sleaze Sex Paperbacks of the Sixties (Feral House, 2005).


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