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Spring 2008

Like some other paperback collectors I know, I’m a sucker for uniform editions, groups or sets of books from the same author or same publisher with a common cover design. When Penguin put out a new set of James Bond novels a couple years ago, I had to buy them all, not because I needed another bunch of the 007 books but because they were cool uniform printings with flashy new cover art. It’s fun to put together a set of books by a favorite author, as I show with the Cain Corgis and Williams Pans on this list. Then one day I realized I was building a collection of an author I didn’t even like, only because the uniform edition from Great Britain was so cool. And we’ll show that too.

Thanks for information, books and assistance to Robert Speray, Tom Lesser, Grant Thiessen, Bruce Brenner, Attila Gyenis, Ron Blum of Kayo Books, Rose Idlet at Black Ace Books, Mark Goodman, Tony Jacobs, Chris Eckhoff; and, as always, my muse and secret weapon, Rachel Parker-Stephen.

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